Omiai Aite wa Oshiego, Tsuyoki na, Mondaiji ep.11

The high school teacher Nano is very popular. Among the students she received respect and honor. Only one wayward and infantile student constantly delivers the beauty to the problem. Soichiro constantly tries to attract her attention not in the most pleasant ways. Familiar Nano with the words "it's time to think about your personal life", decides to organize an engagement for her. As for all the young girls, for Nano this is a serious step into the unknown of adult life, so she worries: who will be her "second half"? On the bride's look, Nano's nerves subsided; the young man seemed rather interesting and pleasant to her. And so, the next day it turns out that the future spouse Nano - Soichiro! Before that, he just disguised himself and pretended to be another person. After this news, Nano tries to cancel the wedding, but Soichiro decides to finally explain to her that everything he did was nothing more than a peculiar way to attract the attention of the girl he really is in love with. Such a "reincarnation" of Soichiro in the eyes of Nano reveals to her two ways: to remain as "cold" to the wayward pupil, or to meet and meet reciprocity? Uneasy relations between the teacher and the student begin to gain momentum!

Tags: 2017, studio: seven, series: omiai aite wa oshiego, school, romance

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