Tayu Tayu ep.3

The protagonist of history, Rejki Tokawa faced a difficult choice. Fly with his parents abroad, or return to family penates, in which he was not here for 8 years. Deciding to join in to independence, the young man returns to dusty sources, and begins to build in the empty house something like order. In order to wash off the dirt, Rey drags the tub to fresh air and ... stumbles upon two charming girls offering him their help. Shiho and Midore Amana, sister-pogodki and neighbors of the protagonist, were very friendly in their childhood, and the young man happily noted that his friends were pretty prettier in sexual terms. And when he was reminded that Midori and Rei were "betrothed" (let this betrothal be sworn in the mouths of eight-year-old children), the young man realized that life in the village has many positive features

Tags: series: tayu tayu, lingerie, yukata, glasses, yuri, group sex, titsjob, straight, oral sex, virgin, school, comedy, 2013, studio: queen bee

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