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Devoted Wife

16 December 22

The protagonist and also his better half had just celebrated their wedding celebration day and also the distance of their partnership was palpable. They were significantly in love and also looking onward to a lifetime of joy and also happiness together. Nonetheless, their lives were soon to be thrown into disarray by the unanticipated arrival of a young male into their lives. He was an unfamiliar person, one whose visibility they had not prepared for or perhaps visualized. His arrival created a wonderful bargain of upheaval and also tension in their partnership as they battled to recognize why he had come and also what his intentions were. Although his visibility was originally undesirable, it soon came to be clear that his visibility had been divinely commissioned and also that he was meant to be in their lives.

[Aoreyo] Cuckold masochist Gudao-kun [English]

1 October 22

[Aoreyo] Cuckold masochist Gudao-kun [English] Shiki Ryougi english translated sole female netorare filming swinging footjob aoreyo humiliation Fate Grand Order

Kim: the Cuckold Wifey

3 June 18

Kim is a married woman with her husband. But since she said yes to her spouse Karl, she became less attached to the man she agreed to spend her life with. In my defense, I will say that she never felt like one fellow and one woman. So she walks behind her spouse's back along with thrill-filled experiences, and her fitness instructor is on the menu today. The story has 5 distinct endings, but basicallythe story is linear with a"best" ending, where big-titted Kimmy gets Mitch's biggest asset as a fitness instructor in duper. Follows the storyline. There are a number of options to choose from that either add or subtract from Kim's mood (displayed in the upper left corner). The consequence of this determines the ending you get. There are several interactive and animated scenes where you will need to find the perfect spot on the monitor to progress. Let's start the game.

Peach Princess

25 February 22

Princess Peach likes to sneak from her castle during night when the king is asleep. No one can stop her from seeking the most thrilling of adventures. Because where else could Princess Peach find hardcore gangbang rather than her attendants?

Do not resist

17 September 21

Based on the official narrative, Hinata stayed with Naruto while Sakura stayed with Sasuke. But, it was not an easy decision for either. And according to this parody based on hentai, this choice was filled with many sexual acts! This is your chance to see Naruto and Hinata go into cuckold modes.