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Gamers (of Hardcore) are synonymous with masturbators, not because they play games per se, but as the life style they lead and the leisure activities they prefer usually have a price -- that price is being socially inept and failing to acquire the one achievement which they can never achieve at any video game ever: Getting a real girlfriend. Perhaps not all gamers on the market fit this profile, but most of them do and they`re usually pretty familiar with geek culture shit like Anime, super ironic deep-fried memes, and others. If you are a gamer, consider of investing in a quality laptop or computer that could offer you a quality display of your gaming material. This is especially applicable to those who oftentimes play games, as you will want to get the most out of your graphics to maximize your general gameplay. Finally, I indeed like that the Hardcore are categorized. Perhaps not only are they categorized, nevertheless they are categorized in 3 unique ways. This means that when I check out all of the best games underbest Favorites, I can stir onto the best games underTop-Rated. There`s some overlap, however I actually liked having these options to check out new games that I know are the splooge of the crop. The site`s selection of groups is smart too.


16 July 22

The tale of this visually novel, which is a blend of adventures and role-playing game elements takes place in a fantasy world which is home to many wonderful races. The ancient magic is present on the universe and the main character is proficient at applying it. A powerful witch with a beautiful appearance, enjoys danger and all sorts of adventure. She has traveled her whole life, and often has to face challenges.

Book of Korvald

30 November 22

"Book of Korvald" is a rough and tough action-packed game that will have you playing as a mighty warrior of the Vikings who can fight off enemies and crush the girls at the at the same time! In addition, there's also a great mysterious story as well as a lot of gameplay mechanicsthat you must master for success in this tough adventure!

Tearing up The Assistant

22 March 18

Interactive 3D flash video in which you will see how manager Yuchiro Fucks his youthful Secretary. Use the control panel and the mouse to turn on the bang-out animation. So Yuchiro rips off the Secretary's half-shirt and knocks the damsel to the floor. She spreads the damsel's legs and begins to touch the damsel's undies with her palms. Then Yuchiro rips off the damsel's undies and starts massaging her hairy snatch. The Secretary wails with pain and pleasure and also becomes wet. She already wants Yuchiro to fuck her pink and wet fuck-hole. Yuchiro unzips his pants and his thick boner leaps out. Then Yuchiro Fucks the Secretary in a cock-squeezing slot bringing the dame to a vaginal orgasm. Watch the bang-out animation to the end to see other romp scenes with a Busty Secretary.

King of Porno City: September 2013

12 April 18

Do you want to start your own porn empire. Produce dirty porn-themed films Smoke hash, and sexually fucked whores? This interactive online video game will give you the chance. You've arrived at a small town. There are many goals to accomplish to rent a huge garage, find an hooker, and then make the first porn movie. Now, you've prepared everything. The next step is to start filming porn on camera. Do yourself a favor and engage porn actors. The more insufferable the script is, the more cash you'll make. By improving it, you will be able to enhance certain aspects of the game. Therefore, the goal in this game is to establish your porn empire. There are numerous games to play - make sure you know them. Start working on how to earn money and gorgeous beauties who are busty. You can also start your own porn tycoon now.

Wonder Gal

12 April 18

Evil doctor has kidnapped Wonder girl. Currently he is going to test his sexual torture apparatus. Use 4 joysticks to control the speed of each device.

DA Maria 1

17 April 18

Within this fuckfest flash game you will learn the background of the space ranger. Her name is Maria and she is a damn beautiful and sexy chick. She has a supreme sports figure and huge edible titties. Maria gets on the space station where she is attacked by a group of sexual maniacs. She tears off her clothes from Maria and starts to fuck her in her cooch and donk. Mary cannot stand against this violence. In addition, maniacs use electro-stimulation to give Mary wild pain. To interact with the game, use the mouse and the direction menu on the right of the game screen. Enjoy this perverted and wild orgy with huge-chested Maria right now.

Ritsu Tainaka Hookup

1 May 18

In this game you will get the chance to fuck Ritsu Tanaka. Here she is lying on your couch today! There will be plenty of actions available but its whole list is in japanese. But don't worry - you will understood how it works pretty briefly. For example blue buttons are utilised to eliminate or put bak on various clothes elements. Orange business is for your devices - from palms to lips and big boner of course. Try unique combinations of these actions to play the game. It is possible to touch, undress and fuck Ritsu as you want she is glad to be your plaything for tonight! Try to keep her glad and she will make you glad too! The game is pretty short so if you won't get the whole understanding of it you can try for other games on our site and find something for your own taste!

Ino Yamanaka Fuck-a-thon Rape

1 May 18

The dude Sasuke fucks huge-boobed blonde Ino Yamanaka in the sports hall. Look at these two lovers. Busty Ino Yamanaka screams from sexual pleasure when a Sasuke fat dick fucks her pink and wet gash. At the bottom of the game screen you will see several icons. They will stir in a random order. Your task is to click on the icon that will be highlighted in light color. Then the sexual process will change the rhythm of the movement. Above the screen is a scale of pleasure. You must pack it 100% and see exactly how huge-boobed Ino Yamanaka gets multiple orgasms from this spunky and depraved fucky-fucky.