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Wild Man and Super Girls

16 June 24

We have seen Super girls fighting goons all the time. Hardly anyone has seen them with a man. Forget about a man, you will not see her having a boyfriend at all. But that doesn’t mean Super girls don’t crave for sex. In fact, they crave for sex more than a normal woman. Luckily, the girls have cute super hero called Wild Man by their side. He will sate their burning desires. Once made love, the super girls fight enemies with more strength. Now you may wonder why super girls need sex? The truth is that making constant love not only refresh their mind but also makes them more powerful. That’s why super girls are desperate for his love. Will our hero oblige? And if he does, how long can he sustain? Find out all this in lates game of Comix Harem.

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5 ádd 10 ρlùs (4 mùltïρlÿ bÿ 10)   =

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