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Celebrity Brothel

20 April 21

You were a scientist and you were workintg on a very special mask when you got fired. Ofcourse you could not leave just like that so you took 'one of the protypes with you. What does this mask do? Only allows to change the face completely! You are planning to continue your experiments so you need money and you need them fast... so how about to open a brtohel where sluts will be looking like celebrities?

Yoruichi abjection by Rangiku

5 July 18

Today you are about to see Yoruichi not only wearing fancy dress but also so what kind of people this dress attracts... But since this is not much of a secret we can tell it you right here and no w- Yoruichi is going to be fucked by two futanari ladies whose roles are going to play Rangiku Matsumoto and Haineko! This hentai parody is brought to you by Pinoytoons studio so as usual this is going to be a short animated movie and not not some game with any gameplay. As some sort of compensation this movie is also longer than usual and will include a lot of different lovemaking scenes and positions with quite a number of jizz shots - both inside and outside ones! So no matter if you are the worshipper of"Bleach" anime (or manga) or not you should check this out anyway!

Wednesday: Wicked & Wet

9 August 23

Even in her most black outfit and in her darkest mood growned up Wednesday Addams is still the one who can make your monstrous cock hard... and in this game she will actually do that! Feel yourself the most desirable guest of the Addams' house and get the best treatment that a gothic slut can give - strip her down and make her to suck your cock! Just don't forget to entertain the hostess as well - complete a rhytm minigame if you want to see the 'good 'ending!