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Pokemon GO-GO

2 May 22

The basic idea behind this game is simple: smash the Pokemon with a ball that is specially designed to add them to your collection. However, the game isn't as simple - Pokemon are always moving across on the screen, so you'll need to figure out the duration and direction of every shot! Also, the hot-looking stirping models in the background will draw your attention absolutely!

Pokemon anime porn – Dawn sex for money

22 March 18

Dawn shouldn't ever take a challenge in pokemon struggle against this hooligan... or at least she should never take his rules which was"if Dawn lose then she will allow him to fuck her here and now". Why? Because she lost - that's why! But Dawn is a very proud dame so she want step back from the deal no matter how disgracefull it was in the first-ever place... This is quite elementary manga porn parody minigame which is drawn in quite favored lately pixelart style. You can switch between few levels of power that this big hooligan will be fucking petite Dawn and once the pop-shot pub will be packed you can click on it to make the grand finale to take place. And if you want for more pokemon manga porn game and animation parodies then don't forget to visit our website after that!

Misty hentai anal – Pokemon Go Sex

22 March 18

In this interactive flash game, you will see how insatiable Ash Ketchum fucks big-titted and tasty Misty. They certainly enjoy wild sex after a long day. So look at the game screen. You see Misty. She lies on the couch with her long legs wide apart. Her mouth-watering watermelons attract your attention. Ash Ketchum is ready to fuck Misty in her taut vagina. To interact with the game, use the mouse along with interactive spots. Click on the spots on the left side of the screen to change the interactive sex scene. Fuck Misty in her pink at the moment. Ignore her screams and groans. Your fat dick should tear Misty's cunt in half. Only then will she have multiple orgasms. Misty certainly wants this. Then it's time to give the doll sexual pleasure. Let's commence the game instantly.

Pussymon 30

12 April 18

This episode is the 30th and is a kind of milestone for the Pussymon Saga yet don't worry as there is many more adventures in thisby all means exciting world! For this episode, you won't just get the standard collection of updates and new features (such asnew animations as well as locations, cards, and so on) however you'll be able to meet a brand new pussymon that could join your team in the next episodes! We aren't going to divulge any further information because, as you already know, this series is a story-driven one, so you'll be able to enjoy all its twists and turns. However, we will provide more details about the coming project. Make sure to check out episode 31 as it's going to be very enjoyable Xmas Special!

Pokemon Go

12 April 18

New game by"Meet and fuck" series - this time it is a parody with pokemon characters! You will be playing as Omni. He is the newcummer pokemon trainer and only prepares to embark his big jorney in Pallet town. For this he rushed to professor Oaks together with ahope of getting the best pokemon ever. But playing too many manga porn games made a poor joke with Omni - he got in here too late and all the great pokemons are already taken away by other guys. But Omni is kinda lucky boy - he also finds the H-Ball in the labs... which can be utilized to catch not pokemons but other characters like criminals Team Rocket for example. A small bit target practicing and you are able to begin your venture! But since this is a hentai game and Ash's mom is one hot milf Omni has quite different plans for H-Ball than catching bad guys...

Pokemon Go Soiree

17 April 18

In this parody adventure, you are going to meet your favorite trainers of pokemon such as Misty and Ash yet again, but this time several years after the events that you've seen in the anime. Our heroes have grown up and their passions are more than participating in tournaments for pokemon. However, they still have many gerat thoughts about it and occasionally even collect some of their favorite paries to reminisce about good times. In one of these paries Misty has invited Ash but this time, instead of reminiscing about the past, they're going to make new ones... and this timethere will be entirely different Ash's "pocket monster" to contend with! Let's hope Misty is able to handle this challenge too.

Tia and Dragonite

1 May 18

YOu are one of thiese pokemons aficionados who secertly wishes about hot trainers getting fucked by the fattest male pokemons they have? Then this particular game is for you! The major hero of this game will be Tia - hot looking brown-haired chick who doesn't mind to get fucked from behind by one of the fattest pokemon of her roaster - Dragonite! Just hide in the woods and witness what these two will do when they think there is no one around to see them! Enjoy supreme animations and use arrow buttons to stir from one scene to the next - each new will likely be more intense then prior! Dragonite has big fuckpole but Tia is kinda used to it - she won't even try to run away and will let her big friend to fuck her till the ending! (and there is also will be a deleted scene in the ending - don't forget to examine it too!)

Gardevoir's Embrace

1 May 18

This next game is pretty short but if you happen to be a devotee of pokemons and never misses any anime porn parody on them then you indeed should check this one too. Why? Because this time you will be witnessing not some sluts like Misty or Dawn who has been fucked few thousands times already - this time Gardevoir will become the main star of the showcase. That's right - one of the best female pokemons has ultimately enticed her male trainer so from now on their practice session will budge to the next level of interactions. Not only they will have vaginal sex - Gardevour doesn't mind about some assfuck sex as well. Also don't forget to check the set of customization options that will turn this little manga porn game into pokemon anime porn game of your cravings. Have fun and don't forget about training.

Dawn hump humiliation

1 May 18

Do you reminisce the trampy damsel Dawn from Pokémon? In this depraved flash animation you can see the intimate life of Dawn. With some type of dude, she fucks in nature By way of example. Definitely her attracted his fat dick. Now the boy fucks Dawn from behind... But the story began very prettily. Dawn went for a walk with a local dude. They began to play an interesting game. But luck turned off from Dawn and she lost the game. She has no cash to pay and Dawn is ready to pay only with her assets. The dude does this and he starts to fuck Dawn in her taut and pink vag and then in the round butt. Discover the continuation of the story you have to yourself.

Pokemon - Dual Distress

6 May 18

Pokemonsor "pocket monsters" aren't just cute looking, yet deadly creaturesbut also the alternative name for the large female cocks that the main heroines of this popular series are typically getting when they are hentai-themed parodies. You've guessed it that this one will not be any different! If you're willing seeing the characters you love enjoying a bit of knuckle fun then you can take a look at this small but attractive installation right now. All it takes from you is to click the pink arrows appear on the screen. You can then switch between scenes which means you can not only take in the various scenes of hentai but also enjoy it for the length of time you wish to! Enjoy!

Pokemon Manga porn Gallery

7 May 18

If you indeed like cartoons series about Pokemon then you have your lucky day. Because we have collected a hefty group of depraved Pokemon sex animation in one spot. You want to relieve and click on the"Next" button. And that's all. On the screen will show up depraved pictures in which the characters of the Pokemon animation series will probably show up in sexual and intimate photographs. Appreciate their hidden and indeed dirty sex life. Just find out how they hard and wild fuck in some different places. This can be getting off or g/g games or even group sex. Discover the intimate life of the Pokemon at this time and enjoy these pictures that are perverted.

Con-Quest [v 0.09]

20 May 18

We'd like to thank our Patrons and the Newgrounds community for their patronage and feedback! We wouldn't be able to do it without you! ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Don't forget to have a look at our Patreon! Patrons are able to vote on upcoming creative choices, submit suggestions and improvements directly the developers, and receive new versions of the game first with EXP and Currency bonuses and without bra versions of certain character portraits! https://www.patreon.com/cuddlepitgames Art by Emily. Check her out athttp://puddingpack.deviantart.com/ Stickers and a few cosplayers by GrossGirl. Check her out athttp://grossgirl.newgrounds.com/ Ivy Sticker place by Chicken! Check her out her style is awesome!http://rottenchicken.tumblr.com/ Boss music by EternalSushihttps://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6lAIQu_1YVU ----------------------------------------------------------------------- Patch Notes: Added the Cosplayer Compendium. Replaces the Sticker Book button. Contains new structure for Sticker Book. Contains a gallery through which to view all combat poses And tear countries for all savable chicks. Provides information on cosplayers and locations within easy reach. Contains map of the convention which updates as locations Are uncovered. Additional 2 new cosplayers ALL of which are saveable. And a new animated reward/images for Ivy(unlocks after the Ivy date questline from the Cafe) Jolteon - Found in the Maid Cafe. Gardevoir - Found in the Maid Cafe. Interactive'Tall Grass' objects are now clickable. Clicking has a greater chance to force combat. Mouse massaging has a higher probability of combating'Shinies'. Added Maid Cafe location. Added new script and story scripts, including the first-ever of what will be multiple'dates' that the player can go on with various cosplayers. Added three new sticker sets. James Carmen Faye Bug Fixes ------------------------------------- Some of the files in the Cosplayer Compendium have been edited to liquidate lag. Carmen, ultimately persuaded to stop guzzling poison in an attempt to"display the jabronies how it's done", will now INCREASE the damage of the fire spell upon her summoning, as opposed to decrease it. Ironed out a bug where Mara would steal 100% of players' MP, instead of a diminutive amount, when attempting to view her reward photograph. Mara has promised to the players and patrons the excess MP will be used"expressly for purposes of additional efficiency and entertainment value." The Ivy date quest line now has an ending and a reward photograph. (anybody loading a save from 0.089 simply needs to head to the beach room) The Cosplayer Compendium's map will now tell you what ultra infrequent chicks are savable.

Eva Hadley

24 May 18

In this short manga porn parody game you will see Eva Hadley's special and totally secret means to educate her favoirte pokemon of all - Charizard! Just after you will shovel the play button you will see Eva being slightly clothed and ready for some practice time with her largest pokemon. All you want to do is too chose which one of her goals he will be aiming first-ever - her humid cooter or her taut butthole! For each of them there will be a list of additional options available. It's possible to make Charizard to fuck her slow or swift, put inside only the tip of his massive dick or move as deep as possible! Each activity will soon be sensing up the fun meter - when it's going to be total you may activate the final stage of today's training - massive and filthy cum-shot all over Eva's back!

Pokemon - Hypno Grace

20 June 18

If you have been watching the stories of the main characters of the Pokemon universe andyou know the lore of it then you're probably in agreement that the pokemon Hypho could be the ax in the ass. But only now will you realize that for some gorgeous girls, he can be the pain in the ass in a literal sense! All because of his unique ability to get someone into the state of deep hypnosis. Today is one of those days that he's not in the mood to engage in any kind of gym battle and he has decided to use this unique technique on his trainer - gorgeous redhead Misty to enjoy some playful fun instead... But what will happen in the next few minutes will be much more fascinating to experience for yourself rather than read about it in thetext of the description.

Nicobays Pub

28 June 18

This game is for everybody who believes that pokemon coach gets right to fuck with a few of her pokemon - because prize for winning a pokemon conflict or simply because she's very whorish chick and now there aren't any human men around to fuck with. Anyhow this brief narrative will take place in the bar where our alluring female coach and a few of her sexy pokemons (such as for actual hot - he has a fire searing in the tip of the tail!) Was totaly alone for a couple of mins. Obviously they determined to get a quickie directly here about the bar rack! Watch both of these pervs with hookup while their enjoyment meters get bigger. Just activate fresh phases of their sexual activity each time they'll be unlocked and soon you will observe that a culmination - whorish coach gets creampied by a single of her pokemons!

Con Quest – Fuck Pokemon Cosplayer

20 July 18

During the annual convention of pokemon cosplayers the extraordinary events began to happen - an old witch has set her evil plans in movability and the very first step in acquiring the control ove rthe world is to find teh control over the convention center which means which now the majority of them wonderfull and fairly looking cosplayers are possessed! But fear not... peculiarly as you are the one who is supposed to put things back to right again becaucse being the mag kind an ancient order it is your direct duties to handle such bithes... err witches in the very first place! Team up with your super-cute loking companion and get through this convention center helping evering who needs help and punching butts for everone who needs their butts kneed (even if these are very super-cute looking butts of their sexy but possesed cosplayers so lets hope they will give you a proper thanks after this nightmare will be over)!

Losing a Pokemon Battle

20 July 18

Dawn is a young, spirited, as well as enthusiastic Pokemon fitness instructor, yet she is likewise unskilled as well as ignorant. She often loses battles because of this. The majority of the time that Dawn loses a battle, she has no money to award the victor. She does, nevertheless, have one more feature to use: a wet, taut, concealed poon concealed behind her stunning white underclothing. She often prospers in satisfying the victor with this little technique of hers, enabling her to keep both her dignity as well as her poon. In spite of the truth that it may not make up for the defeat, it does use some comic relief as well as an absurd final thought to the dispute.

Pussymon 1.1

22 December 18

Pussymon (v.1.1) - Prologue New additions: • Names added in bag • 6 fresh Pussymons • 3 New quests • 2 easter eggs ----- If you like my work and want to help me create stuff more often you can support me on my patreon: https://www.patreon.com/sp3ktr3 There you can go after the feed and find special patreon content like cheats and other things. ----- Next Episode: Pussymon Episode 01 (v.1.2)http://www.newgrounds.com/portal/view/658160

Con-Quest! Poké-con (Version 0.02)

14 March 19

There are dark things about to happen at the local pokemon aficionados and cosplayers convention this year! And by"dark things" we mean an ancient and evil witch who is about to try get over the world and begin her conquest from this diminutive conference center. You will be playing as member of some old arrangement of magicians who are supposed to prevent such things from happening and togethe rwith your super-cute prtner you are going to halt the invasion of an evil coerces. If this means that you will have to deal with a pile of hot ladies clad up as pokemons then so be it - probably you were thinking that they are wearing too much clothes anyway! Game combines a good deal of mechanics - from rouge-like venture to rpg and trun-based battles - so you ar egoing to have a lot of fun even if you are not into pokemons in any respect.

Skull Grunt And Trainer

19 July 20

In case you have always thought that human trainers are training their pokemons then this petite and plain but adorably drawn and animated anime porn parody minigame is going to display you that sometimes the situation can change into something quite contrary - Skull Grunt is going to utilize one of his skills and to turn his female trainer into real hoe by letting her to ride some lucky dude's big and hard lollipop all day long! Or may be Skull Grunt dreamed to get himself a day-off this way? Actually it's possible to think out your own history that is backgorund but when it comes to anime porn part you can enjoy this game until the moment you will decide that the time for cum shot has come and shovel this big red button! And ofcourse don't forget to visit our website for more manga porn themed parodies about pokemons and their trainers!

Con-Quest! Poké-con (Version 0.04)

2 April 21

There is a excellent manace is threatening the world. But how is it connecte with annual pokemon cosplayers convention? Well, this is something you will have to find out in this new fun and sexy game! The story embarks with some evil witch casting some effective spell and now all the cosplayers are possesed by her will. You and your new counterpart (adorable person by the way) would be the mebers of enchanting organization whose duty is to prevent such things from happening. Now you will rush to the position and do everything to block the witch and help everybody else you can inside the walls of this cursed convention center. Explore halls, meet characters, finish quests, gather rewards and ofcourse fight adorable dolls clad as pokemons! Ofcourse their costumes might get strongly damaged in the process...

Con-Quest! Poké-con (Version 0.07)

2 April 21

Although the name of the game is clearly composed of words such as 'convent' and 'quest' there is a bit of conquest that will be involved. It will be carried out by an old, but powerful witch, who's determined to take over the world, and had no better location to begin this than at the convention center for the congregation of many Pokemon cosplay enthusiasts! The most beautiful girls dressed in the cutest costumes are all set to be evil too and they'll need someone to hit their sweet butts in order to restore them to their normal state. And guess what? This lucky person will be you! You as well as your companion since you both belong to the old magical order, and it is kinda your responsibility to stop horrible things from happening in our world.

Con-Quest! Poké-con (Version 0.095)

2 April 21

Cosplay Convention is a world that is magical indeed! And the convention that you are about to visit in this game is magical enough for some evil witch to come and curse all teh cosplayers here. And now instead of having nice talking with ultra-cute cosplayers while checking their goodies you will have to fight the ancient eveil first-ever. Well, if your rivals (who happen to be the cosplayers possesed by the evil witch) will try to hard to stop you from saving teh day you might even damage their costumes to make them even more alluring looking! With each new update the game recieves new characters and new quests and therefore don't forget to check our website and find the latest installation of the game to play. Also you migth find more interesting manga porn games on there!

Con-Quest! Poké-con (Version 0.05)

10 April 21

Hot girls cosplaying your favourite pokemons sounds like the kind of convention you've always wanted to attend! Like any other dream, it could become a nightmare due to an old and evil witch who is taking the most adorable cosplayers in her wing! But there are heroes that are able to stop her, and it just was a chance that you and your adorable co-worker are among them belonging to the mysterious order that shields us from the enthralling threats of this kind. Gather up, go to the convention center, and start your mission to assist everyone who needs assistance, and kick butts at the ones whose butts need to be kicked... and then enjoy an entire collection of cute hot girls in their damaged costumes since it's crucial to be happy while working, no matter the job!