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Daughter's Penalty

17 April 18

What happens with bratty stepdaughters who are always slinking into rooms that were prohibited to go into? They eventually find the room that they not suppose to discover and obtain their punishment for doing so! Well, at least this is just what is going to take place in this game... Just ensue the story and you will find out tragic story of a blonde girl who now happened to live with her mom and step-dad. She doesn't seem to enjoy him a lot and it she has a reason - who is going to have a room in the building that is always locked and not everyone allowed to injecting it? So today our heroine will eventually get her chance to creep in there and find out what her parents are hiding from her. Will it bring any satisfaction she attempts to her? Well, if she is into kinky stuff then it is quite possible...

Support Master

4 March 24

The new game ends up being popular amoung youths in your neighbourhood and when you learn that the hot gal next door wants to play it also you are on the rush! Why? Since this game is sexual themed! And not just sexual - it is based on submission and supremacy and the champion will be the one who will do the function better! So what do you state - are you prepared to play?